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Brief History of Brahmarishi Mission of Canada

Shri Ram Dham Hindu Temple

History of Brahmarishi Mission of Canada

The origin of the Mission's center in Canada started when Brahmvadini Krishna Kantaji Maharaj- presently the head of the International Brahmrishi Mission- came to Canada in 1975 on an informal visit. She realized that there was a community with spiritual need which she could help fulfill. Therefore she revisited Canada in 1978, but this time she persuaded Reverend Gurudev, H.H. Brahmrishi Shri Vishvatma Bawraji Maharaj, to join her. He provided the enlivening spiritual spark and thus began the Brahmrishi Mission of Canada. The mission was chartered with its aims and objects as the Brahmrishi Mission of Canada Inc., in 1978, to be managed by a Board of Directors.

In 1979 it started functioning in a rented apartment and afterwards continued at the residence of devotees. In 1982 Chandrakant Kothari- late president of the Brahmarishi Mission of Canada- gave a house free of cost for 5 years at Guelph. Reverend Gurudevji Maharaj visited practically every year. Swami Vishva Bhartiji temporally took the charge of the activities in 1979-80. In 1983 Swami Chaitanya Jyotiji took over as the Resident Preacher.

In 1986 an old church building at 448 Lancaster St. West in Kitchener was acquired. The mission functioned in this building till 1995. The mission during the course of these years gained popularity and recognition in the community. During this period, Brahmvadini Krishna Kantaji Maharaj, Swami Vishva Bhartiji and Acharya Rajdev Bhatt, both from the UK center, Swami Divya Bhartiji, Swami Brahmritaji, Swami Dr. Manishaji and Swami Aditya Bhartiji, all from India, visited this center for short terms.

In September 1995 a spacious premise- the present one- was acquired at 525 Bridge St. East, Kitchener and was suitable renovated and altered for the associated temple services and other needs. The building was named: Shri Ram Dham Hindu Temple and Brahmavidya Yogashrama.

On October 20, 1995 Reverend Gurudevji Maharaj inaugurated the temple in a grand ceremony and declared it formally open.

Under Reverend Gurudevji's supervision the Moorties of Pancha Mahadevas: Shri Sita Ramji, Shri Radha Krishnaji, Shri Parvati Shivaji, Maa Durgadevi and Shri Hanumanji were installed and consecrated in Pancha Mahadevas Sthapana Mahotsava celebrated from July to July 20, 1997. Swami Chidghananandji also joined the center, currently he is in Florida's center as a Resident Preacher.

Swami Haripriyaji joined the center in May, 2001 to assist Swami Chaitanya Jyotiji in the progressively increasing responsibilities.

On July 7, 2003 the Moorti of Shri Ganeshji was installed in a well-attended and consecration service under the supervision of Swami Chaitanya Jyoti and Swami Chidghananandji.

The Shri Ram Dham Hindu Temple is now a hub of spiritual, cultural and social activities programmed within the aims and objects and ideology of the Mission under the leadership of Swami Chaitanya Jyotiji assisted by Swami Haripriyaji, Karuna didi, the Board of Directors and goodwill and cooperation of the community.


List of main Board of Directors of Brahmarishi Mission of Canada

Dilip Dave (President)

Mohanjit kendall (Vice President)

Balvant Adhyaru (Treasurer)

Dr.V.B. Rao (Secretary)



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