Brahmrishi Mission Of Canada

Sanskrit for KidsSunday, October 14, 2018

Brahmarishi Mission of Canada introduces


Sanskrit Class for children


Starts on Sunday 14 October 2018

Time 4 - 5 PM

Please register your kids now!

Minimum age 5 years

For more information please contact
Swami Haripriya @ 519 579 1486, E-mail:

Here is why it is so important for kids to learn Sanskrit: Sanskrit is India's gift to the world that is unparalleled in its perfection and preciseness. It is regarded as the mother of all modern languages and historians often call it the "perfect language". This is not without reason as Sanskrit is a language that has the most number of letters and aksharas compared to any other language. Reasons why Sanskrit is crucial for today's world 1. Computers require algorithmic programming and scientific research has found Sanskrit to be the perfect language for this purpose. Its preciseness and variety owe to this research. NASA scientist Rick Briggs discussed why Sanskrit is one of the best languages for use in computer in his paper Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence, back in 1985. 2. Sanskrit is one language that can convey the biggest word meanings, quantitatively and qualitatively in the least amount of words. Owing to the abundance of words and preciseness of letters, it is most expressive. It is sometimes called the "poems of everyday life". 3. Sanskrit Is The Easiest Language To Program Robots Says NASA